Abbreviation in MIM

MIM support various kinds of abbreviations, which can be used to shorten the length of commands:

  1. Sub-command Name: abbreviation can be used as long as its the prefix of one and only one subcommand, for example:

    1. g stands for sub-command gridsearch

    2. tr stands for sub-command train

  2. Codebase Name: abbreviation can be used as long as its the substring of one and only one codebase name, for example:

    1. act stands for codebase mmaction

    2. cls stands for codebase mmcls

  3. Abbreviation for argument / option names: defined in each sub-command, for example, for sub-command train:

    1. -g stands for --gpus-per-node

    2. -p stands for --partition


# Full Length
mim test mmcls --checkpoint tmp/epoch_3.pth \
		--gpus 8 --metrics accuracy --partition pname --gpus-per-node 8 \
		--launcher slurm
# w. abbr.
mim te cls -C tmp/epoch_3.pth -G 8 -g 8 -p pname \
		-l slurm --metrics accuracy

# Full Length
mim gridsearch mmcls --work-dir tmp --gpus 8 \
        --partition pname --gpus-per-node 8 --launcher slurm --max-jobs 2 \
        --search-args ' 1e-2 1e-3 --optimizer.weight_decay 1e-3 1e-4'
# w. abbr.
mim g cls --work-dir tmp -G 8 -g 8 -p pname -l slurm -j 2\
        --search-args ' 1e-2 1e-3 --optimizer.weight_decay 1e-3 1e-4'
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