Source code for mim.commands.list

# Copyright (c) OpenMMLab. All rights reserved.
import importlib
import os.path as osp
import pkg_resources
from email.parser import FeedParser
from typing import List, Tuple

import click
from tabulate import tabulate

    help='List packages of OpenMMLab projects or all the packages in the '
    'python environment.')
def cli(all: bool = True) -> None:
    """List packages.

        > mim list
        > mim list --all
    table_header = ['Package', 'Version', 'Source']
    table_data = list_package(all=all)
    click.echo(tabulate(table_data, headers=table_header, tablefmt='simple'))

[docs]def list_package(all: bool = False) -> List[Tuple[str, ...]]: """List packages. List packages of OpenMMLab projects or all the packages in the python environment. Args: all (bool): List all installed packages. If all is False, it just lists the packages installed by mim. Default: False. """ # refresh the pkg_resources # more datails at importlib.reload(pkg_resources) pkgs_info: List[Tuple[str, ...]] = [] for pkg in pkg_resources.working_set: pkg_name = pkg.project_name if all: pkgs_info.append((pkg_name, pkg.version)) else: installed_path = osp.join(pkg.location, pkg_name) if not osp.exists(installed_path): module_name = None if pkg.has_metadata('top_level.txt'): module_name = pkg.get_metadata('top_level.txt').split( '\n')[0] if module_name: installed_path = osp.join(pkg.location, module_name) else: continue home_page = pkg.location if pkg.has_metadata('METADATA'): metadata = pkg.get_metadata('METADATA') feed_parser = FeedParser() feed_parser.feed(metadata) home_page = feed_parser.close().get('home-page') if pkg_name.startswith('mmcv') or pkg_name == 'mmengine': pkgs_info.append((pkg_name, pkg.version, home_page)) continue possible_metadata_paths = [ osp.join(installed_path, '.mim', 'model-index.yml'), osp.join(installed_path, 'model-index.yml'), osp.join(installed_path, '.mim', 'model_zoo.yml'), osp.join(installed_path, 'model_zoo.yml') ] for path in possible_metadata_paths: if osp.exists(path): pkgs_info.append((pkg_name, pkg.version, home_page)) break pkgs_info.sort(key=lambda pkg_info: pkg_info[0]) return pkgs_info
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